Time Square


Software, Cinema4D & Redshift

Hippie House Production & Art Direction

My role, Modeling 3D assets

Oliver Uhmeier, 3D Animation, Lighting, Texturing and Modeling

Hippie House is a production company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They were working on a passion project where they wanted some 2D scenes turned into 3D and this is where me and Oliver Uhmeier came in.

This mixed media project is made up from seven different scenes where a sphere travels through time and space. Match cuts are used to connect the animations, which creates a seamless and dynamic visual piece.

My roll was to create many of the assets. I just started to get into Cinema4D at the time, so it was quite a challenge but also very exiting to do a fun project like this.

I got so much help from Oliver and clear guidance from Hippie House. I also really apprecited that we could express our ideas and add them to the scene.

Working with a studio like HH really helped me to improve my hard skills and understand how the pipeline looks like for an animation studio.

Huge thanks for Hippie House letting me be a part of this cool collaboration beside so many amazing creators!

Below you will find the whole video and some stills from the project.



Glass3D animation

Colorful Things3D animation

HeadphoneLight study in 3D

Cloth simulations3D animation

Simple Chairs3D animation

Fragrance3D Animation