Hello I'm Blanka!

Coming from a textile designer education, I found myself on a journey towards animation while freelancing for a few years before I started my studies at Hyper Island in Karlskrona, Sweden.

I love to create and be a part of a team of creatives. If I were not a creative I would probably be a botanist, a dancer or a yoga teacher.

I like to learn by doing and make fun projects that makes me and others happy.


Skills and experience

During my studies at Hyper Island I wanted to challenge myself and learn about 3D. So I spent time learning Cinema4D and Redshift. Before the motion designer course in Sweden I was working mostly as an illustrator for kids books and other projects. For that I used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I also worked as an clean-up artist in two animation productions where I learned the software Tv-Paint. During these projects my main tasks were to do clean-ups for the cel animations and colouring.

Other softwares I use: Premiere Pro, After Effects. I am currently learning about Marvelous Designer.

Have a project in mind?

Get in touch!


´╗┐Currently I am looking for an internship from 2024 August until the beginning of December. Please reach out if you think I am a good match for your creative space and let's have a chat.